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History Of Great System International Ltd. Company

2013-6-21 0:34:44
History Of Great System International Ltd. Company

History Of Great System

History Of Great System International Ltd. Company

History Of Great System

History Of Great System International Ltd. Company

History Of Great System


Great System a name synonymous with Process Control Instrumentation and Electrical and Instrument and Solution Provider have established themselves as a Quality Leader since its inception in 1998 based at Hong Kong  ( China ).

For more than 18 years, we have successfully executed many prestigious orders by supplying Sophisticated Electronic Instruments and Control Systems and HT Panel and LT and Panel. Indigenization of the instruments of our product range have been in hand with our commitment to the manufacture of safe, reliable and quality instrument.  Our thrust today is in the field of microprocessor based instrumentation and control systems. A knowledge inspiring and skilled arena that we are in, we are staffed to meet the dictates of the field and thus can provide various control and monitoring software packages for Instrumentation and control.

Application Gallery

Power : Feed Water (Drum Level & DP across Drum Level), Furnace Vacuum, SH Steam Temp Stage I & II (L&R), Dearator Level, Condenser Hotwell Level and REC, HP Heater Level, LP Heater Level, Gland Seal Steam Pressure, Gland Steam Temperature, Thermal Load, FD, PA and Vapor Fan Control


Sugar : Vacuum Pans, Mills, Boilers, Evaporators

Glass : Furnaces, Cooling

Textile : Weaving, Dyeing

Pulp & Paper : Stock Preparation, Chest Box, Bleaching

Mining : Ore Dressing, Pyro/Hydro Processing, Electrolytic Refining, Crushers, Ball Mills, Classifiers, Filters, Flotation Devices,  Magnetic Separators, Calcining Kilns, Digesters, Evaporators

Food & Beverages : Evaporators, Blending & Batching, Fermenting  

Oil & Gas : Platform & Pipeline, Catalytic Cracking, Distillation Columns, Blending, Reactors

Steel : Blast Furnaces, Continuous Casting, Reheating Furnaces, Biological Waste Treatment, Annealing Lines Sintherization

Water & Waste Water : Filter Backwash, Chemical Feed, Clear well Level, Finished Water Pumping, Remote Workstation Monitoring, Sludge Process, Sequencing Batch Reactor Plants, Rotating  Biological Contactor Plant, Sludge Dewatering, Incinerator Control, Return and Waste activated sludge pumping

Great System Great System

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