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Yokogawa Digital Yewflow Vortex flowmeter

2013-6-11 0:04:44

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l Vortex Flowmeter for
Liquids, Gases and
l New converter concept
provides diagnostic data
based on the unique SSP
l Line Size from
DN 15 (1/2”) – DN 300 (12”)
l Pressure rates up to
ANSI 1500 / PN250
l Temperature range
-200 °C up to +450 °C
l Integrated flow measurement
for precise results
even under difficult
installation conditions
l Dual piezo system
ensuring high vibration
immunity and shock


Digital YEWFLO with SSP technology
Yokogawa’s SSP (Spectral Signal Processing)
technology is built into the powerful electronics of
digitalYEWFLO. SSP analyses the fluid conditions
inside digitalYEWFLO and uses the data to
automatically select the optimal settings for the
application, providing features never seen before in a
vortex flow meter :
n The signals from the patented YEWFLO dual
sensors, inside the shedder bar are monitored
constantly. Intelligent noise functions eliminate
noise providing vibration immunity and high
stability, even at low flows.
n SSP technology gives the user valuable
information about the fluid conditions inside the
pipe, providing assistance in analysing the process
and assessing the installation conditions or
n The user interface is a two line LCD display giving
flow rate and totalized value simultaneously as well
as functional data and diagnostic information.

n Unique digital electronics with SSP technology
n Dual piezo system with no wetted parts is most
robust in class
n Completely averaged flow profile measurement
ensures performance under real installation
n No moving parts, no maintenance, no Zero drift.
n Removable Shedder Bar and sensor assembly
means reduced downtime
n Precise measurement of Liquid, Gas or Steam with
same instrument
n Compact design
n Quick and easy setup reduces commissioning time
n Dual output for 4-20mA and pulse. Two outputs
n High Accuracy ±0.75% Liquids, 1.0% Gas, Steam
n High and Low temperature version from –200 deg.C
up to 450 deg.C brings precise measurement to the
toughest applications
n Intrinsically safe and Explosion proof versions
comply with ATEX
n IP67 immersion and dust proof (equivalent to
n Electrical outputs compliant with NAMUR NE21 and
n Remote type available with up to 30 m connection
n HART or BRAIN communications, key switches for
local adjustment
n Dual sensor design

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